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Which one are you? Once, there were four siblings who lived in three different cities. The sister who lived in the first city was well known and loved by many. She lived in a lovely house painted in bright, happy colours, and she could always be found outdoors, singing as she tended her beautiful, beloved garden. She grew fruit… Read More »


Phantom is an adopted young handsome, charismatic feline. I removed his collar recently. That triggers the sense of insecurity in him. I’ve been hearing “I want my collar back”. I had a good talk with phantom why he doesn’t need the collar anymore. Phantom wearing different collar in different places came in a vision. A… Read More »

thank you

July 16  my heartfelt gratitude to all, especially my teacher, Jasmine Miller for sharing in her email on this regular weekly meditations facilitated by st francis of assisi through lynn loke on friday night starting from 15 July. Jasmine does not give up easily on those whom are lead to her. she has a huge… Read More »


Meditation for Animal Lovers and Pet Owners July 22, 2016 sharing this empowering message on today’s meditation from St. Francis of Assisi. quoting the step of faith, brother wolf of Gubbi had. not only changing his appetite but his willingness and ready to give up all fears. he understood what I preached to him. we are… Read More »

Charity and Wisdom

“Where there is charity and wisdom there is neither fear nor ignorance. Where there is patience and humility there is neither anger nor worry.” Francis of Assisi, The Writings of St. Francis of Assisi

Everything starts from you, take it in stride

Meditation for Animal Lovers and Pet Owners July 15 I want to give my love and thanks to st francis of assisi who facilitated this session. Besides healing, the messages that came through was lovely. Animals always come with open heart, helping us to learn about self-love and unconditional love. Their presence teaches about ourselves;… Read More »