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What’s up at Angels and Light

FEB 4: WHO IN HEAVEN ARE THE ANGELS AND GUIDES? So you believe in angels and guides. But do you really know who and what you are connecting and working with? And how do you know if they are truly of the light? Learn more about our celestial helpers, from their hierarchy to their roles… Read More »

Weekly meditation for animal lovers/ pet owners

facilitated by St Francis of Assisi through Lynn Loke This meditation is to connect with animal lovers / pet owners and those who wish to help the animals that share the same home with us. It is also for those who have lost beloved pets and are seeking healing for themselves and the spirits of… Read More »

Lynn’s group & events signature massage package

Enjoy something refreshingly different & affordably priced for your corporate events, personal events such as birthday celebrations, gatherings, hen parties or simply your lunch hour, contact Lynn at 9818 5066 My rate: $90/h for a minimum of 4 people (1 person gets a 10 minutes’ session), plus a transport fee of $50.