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Ideas for gift for any reason?

Receive a healing massage using deep tissue movements with therapeutic-grade essential oils to ease stress, loosen muscular pains and create a general sense of well-being. Or a Swedish massage for an overall relaxation and eliminates mental stress. Who wouldn’t be happy with a massage like that? Contact Lynn for house call. (available for ladies living… Read More »

Paint your own Unicorns , Fairies and Angels

In today’s workshop, we connected with the Unicorns. Join us on 13 September, paint your Fairies. Single session : $45 OR Parent & child : $65 When : 4-6 pm and 7.30-9.30 pm Age : 7 – 9 (teens & adult are also welcome) Place: Chai Chee Drive what’s next? 20 September : Angels 4-6… Read More »

What’s in September

6 September (Wednesday) Paint your own Unicorns, Fairies and Angels Do your children talk about seeing angels, fairies and other mystical, magical beings? Lynn Loke, a clairvoyant who senses and sees beyond the physical, helps them understand that what they are seeing is both safe and real through this special workshop that combines magic, the… Read More »

Communication with 2 lovely fur kids

It was an interactive session with all the family members engaging in a session for their two wonderful fur kids. The pets enjoyed and loved that moments of closeness with the family members. I hope this session helps to enhanced their understanding of the pets. em>”Thank you so much. We really enjoyed the session and… Read More »

What’s up at Angels and Light

What’s up in September SEPT 2: KALI If you haven’t met her yet, now’s a good time to connect with the Hindu goddess Kali, protector of light and destroyer of evil. If you’ve already connected, she could be calling to help cleanse and strengthen you further in your roles as beacons of light and agents… Read More »