Monthly Archives: November 2017

Reading and Healing session

Good morning Lynn, the reading made me view my current life situation from a more constructive perspective and made me realise what was i doing wrong. I am looking forward to implement the actions that you recommended. Talking with you yesterday reinforces my belief that the spiritual realm is real and beautiful. Letting go of… Read More »

Sound healing for chakras

Thank you for your feedback 今天我给Lynn音声疗愈(水晶钵)的感觉是很轻松,我在很短的时间就睡着了,睡得很沈,很香,当我做完疗愈后,我的精神充沛,眼睛有神,心情很平静。晚上回去睡觉,一觉到天亮。今早起床后,心情平静快乐。

Down in the dumps? Visit Lynn

I’m also a qualified body therapist. I use my own signature technique, combining deep tissue movements with therapeutic-grade essential oils to ease stress, loosen muscular pains and create a general sense of well-being. Indulge in a normal body massage and you will also benefit from the healing energies from my touch. * House calls are… Read More »

What’s up at Angels and Light

I am moving house This will be my last post in, but it isn’t goodbye. From November 15, will replace the website that first introduced me and my work to the world. message from Jasmine Miller What’s up in November NOV 4: ANGELS AND LIGHT A peaceful yet uplifting afternoon of healing and… Read More »