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What’s in February

the schedule has been revised February 1 : Paint your own Unicorns, Fairies and Angels Do your children talk about seeing angels, fairies and other mystical, magical beings? Lynn Loke, a clairvoyant who senses and sees beyond the physical, helps them understand that what they are seeing is both safe and real through this special… Read More »

What’s up at Angels and Light

What’s up in February FEB 3: SPEAK UP, PLEASE This is a workshop that is held only once or twice a year, because (1) it’s not easy to teach; and (2) I conduct it only when I’m told either that there are those who are ready for it, or there are those ready to take… Read More »

I saw so much difference now

A parent booked a sound healing session to experience it and later confirm another session for their daughter within the same day. “Hi Lynn, You are great . I saw so much difference now . . My husband, me and daughter spoke for hours! We never did. . It is healing….Thanks ❤ With my daughter… Read More »

Aura reading

Aura is a field of energy that emanates from all things. It provides the details of the individual at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Also about the personal’s life such as health, life experiences, relationships, attitudes, strengths, weakness, moods, problems, thoughts, ideas and even past lives. I am blessed with many gifts. Clairvoyance,… Read More »

What’s up at Angels and Light

What’s up in January 2018 JAN 6: CONNECTING WITH AZRAEL He is the Archangel of Death. But despite his scary title, Archangel Azrael is one of the most powerful, beautiful, bright and loving angels that is our privilege to know and work with. He is the one that comes to comfort and ease the fears… Read More »