Monthly Archives: April 2018

Flea Market @ SIA sports club

Thank you so much for coming and supporting what I do, it was so great to see you. And to all that have showed your love and encouragement you’ve given me. Thank you!

Pet healing / Pet communication/ Pet mediumship

April 8 Thanks Lynn we are glad to have you connect with our pets. I hope cookie’s skin problem settles down. April 21 Hi Lynn Hope u are well. My son spoke very highly of u. We wanted to get u back for a session with our 2 dogs. Please call when it’s convenient to… Read More »

Spiritual Bodywork

Hi Lynn Thank you for your session too. I appreciate it a lot. The session was highly personalised and targeted to my needs. During the session itself, I could feel the works of the healing and the alleviation of any sufferings. The session ended off with very sound and sincere advice for my future.

Her deep tissue massage was spot on

Hi Lynn Here’s my feedback. Due to my demanding work schedules, i get little exercise and i don’t always sleep well. As a result, my head always feels heavy and neck feels like it’s holding up 10 bowling balls. Not to mention, my shoulders were stiff and lower back felt strained at times. Lynn was… Read More »

I Am Light

every time I listen to this song, I got something out of it. We’re not only in the shell of existence. there are many ways to live your life, what is yours. “I know this is the truth of who we all are” ~India Arie I Am Light I am Light, I am Light I… Read More »

Psychic Reading

I stumbled upon Lynn’s website recently and decided to make an appointment with her. Prior to the session, I was a little apprehensive but after talking to Lynn, I felt at ease by her friendly, soft spoken, honest and empathetic personalities. She listened to my concerns with patience and compassion and have provided me a… Read More »