Monthly Archives: July 2018

Sound Healing for Chakras

Besides sound healing for chakras, I will also share with you my knowledge on chakras. These regular sessions will allow you to work on yourself at your own pace, bringing you back into balance in mind, body and spirit. September schedule

Psychic Reading

Hi Lynn Thank you for confirming and clarifying the specific issues affecting me. Did not realised that there were even deeper and more serous issues remaining that urgently needed to be resolved. Grateful to know that there are benevolent beings trying to comfort me, including Goddess Kwan Yin. Your session helps me strengthens my trust… Read More »

Pet healing / Pet communication/ Pet mediumship

“Thank you for caring for me, loving me and keeping a general check on our well being.” ~ wonderful message from two lovely dogs in an animal communication session. Often after an animal communication session, I’d encourage pet owners to think through the messages passed on from the pets. When they sort out and realised… Read More »

Psychic Reading

Your reading has given many things to think about and directions to move forward. Thank you. I’m grateful