Monthly Archives: October 2018

Pet Healing

Hui Ling Ng: Thanks for giving Cooper a healing session yesterday. He’s definitely happier and back to his cheeky old self. photo: credit to pet owner for allowing me to post the picture.

Pet Communication

A repeat client would like to share her experience on my website as animal communication services that I offer do not include locating a lost pet. This happened 11 at night. The reward is being able to help, knowing the pet is safe and back home. Client: Hi Lynn, we lost Pablo, by any chance… Read More »

Sound Healing for Chakras

November schedule Besides sound healing for chakras, I will also share with you my knowledge on chakras. These regular sessions will allow you to work on yourself at your own pace, bringing you back into balance in mind, body and spirit. Please register with Lynn Loke at by Tuesday.

Psychic Reading

Thank you so much for engaging my service. Your feedback is greatly appreciated for the second reading. Your session today let me understand the realisation I have recently and what causes it. And it gives me a path of how I should move on to help myself be stronger to get to the right path.… Read More »

Sound Healing for Chakras

Hi Lynn, just want to let you know that the healing was very good yesterday! I took your advice to rest and didn’t realise how tired I was. I feel much better, I think more energy (not so lethargic). Thank you!!! 😊💕

Psychic Reading

My first session started at a pop-up event with Lynn so the session was about 20 minutes. Though the session was short the details in the readings were thorough and to the point. I had a lot of clarity in the issues I was facing and left feeling more confident. The second session was a… Read More »

Reading and Spiritual Bodywork

Hi Lynn, I always remember your words spoken with so much compassion “Does it matter?” Do all that I seek matter or was it really something else? Thank you, Lynn, for the reading and your last-minute slot in for my much-needed healing. Indeed, it felt like a stone lifted off my chest and it felt… Read More »