About me

Why do I call myself a warrior of light? Because I have gone through the darkest times and found my way back to light. In the process, I have found strength within myself that I never knew I had.

From young, I wanted to find my life purpose. For more than 10 years, I attended countless spiritual retreats and workshops, underwent activations, attunements and karma exercises. But because I opened myself up to the unknown without true understanding, I did myself more harm than good. I endured paranormal encounters that were negative and frightening – my hair was pulled, I heard menacing voices, was disturbed by unseen hands when I was sleeping, and had thoughts that led to self-destructive behaviour.

Finally I found someone who taught me the importance of discernment, and that the only way to pull myself out of negativity and darkness was through light and truth. I also learnt to love and forgive myself for my mistakes.

Now I know I am blessed with many gifts. Among them are clairvoyance, empathy, healing hands, and the ability to remove/contain entities and dark energies, as well as to bring light into a situation. I am ready to share them with anyone who needs help, so that you may discover that you, too, are worthy of grace and love.

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