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Nuggets of Wisdom

New Change, New Energy

I’d like to give my thanks and appreciation to the graphic designer Geraldine Lim ( that came up with the new design of my name card and banner. I love it! new change, new energy

I am the teacher and student in my journey

Life is a wonderful. It allows me to experience and learn through self-discovery. It might take some time to have that realization or awareness but be patient to myself. Call for celebration when it happens. It can be such a gift and it’s a refreshing change!

Keep On Walking

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” ~ an ancient buddhist expression ~ Light is shinning on my path today as I face in the direction of love and goodness. One step at a time it is leading me exactly where I need to be.

I Am Light

every time I listen to this song, I got something out of it. We’re not only in the shell of existence. there are many ways to live your life, what is yours. “I know this is the truth of who we all are” ~India Arie I Am Light I am Light, I am Light I… Read More »

oracle message

this oracle comes at a right time with uplifting messages. Recognise that your fears are habit rather than a reflection of a reality in which you must fear. Become creative than reactive. Remain open, stay true to your heart and in trust of the divine plan. ~ Alana Fairchild.

May you receive peace in everything

a wonderful message for reflection “May you receive peace in everything, every thought that you have put into action as a result questionable to what you truly are and who you are benefitting through the acts of yours.