Coffee is back home safe & sound

By | 01/15/2019

Hi Lynn,
Thank you so much for your help.
Coffee is back home safe & sound.
He’s neither dirty, hurt nor traumatized. Guess he may have gone play & lost his way back.
After resting for 2 days, we’re back to our routine night walk now.
When I didn’t see him for 4-5 days, I was kind of worry for his safety. And when you tell me he’s safe but miss home, I felt more at ease, knowing that given time he’ll be back. True enough he came back the next morning.
Thank you for communicating with him, making him feel safe & not alone.

When a pet you know hasn’t come home for days, I feel for my friend. I’m concerned about the well-being of the pet and try to help in any way. My thanks and gratitude for the help of the angels in answering my prayer.

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