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Spiritual bodywork

I specialise in spiritual bodywork, which is a special massage during which I assess your energy field, etheric body and I am shown where the trouble is. I usually work with Archangel Michael, Raphael, goddess Isis and/or Kali to remove negative energies, entities, and bring light into you in order to help you heal.

energy exchange : $180 for 45 mins

Space clearing

I work with Archangel Michael and Kali to clear spaces of negativity and/or entities. I do this for houses and offices. Do ask me about my space clearing and maintenance package.


I can convey messages from deceased loved ones to help bring about closure on issues and emotions that might otherwise remain unresolved.

energy exchange : $180 for 60 mins

Psychic readings

I connect with your angels and guides to offer insights into specific situations, giving different perspectives and clarity to uplift and heal the spirit.

energy exchange : $150 for 60 mins

Aura readings

Aura is a field of energy that emanates from all things. It provides the details of the individual at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In the aura reading session, I will provide descriptive information about the energy field or vibration as well as what is going on to a person’s life.

energy exchange : $100 for 45 mins

Advanced Crystal energy therapy

This is a powerful and very specific modality of healing using crystal energy.

energy exchange : $150 for 60 mins

Sound healing for chakras

Sound healing for chakras using crystal singing bowls to cleanse, heal and bring you into balance, mind, body and spirit. It’s also suitable for children.

energy exchange : $90 for 45mins

Pet healing / Pet communication/ Pet mediumship

As an empath, I am sensitive to emotions. Out of love for animals, I offer energy healing, communication with your pets. I also do healing on those who have loved and lost pets and are seeking healing for themselves and their fur babies.

both pet and owner : $150 for each session

for 1 pet : $80 for 30 mins

for 1 pet (house call) : $150 for 45 mins

multiple pets (house call)

  • $180 for 2 pets
  • $200 for 3 pets
  • $250 for 4 pets
  • $300 for 5 pets

  • Energy Healing Massage

    A holistic full body massage using lymphatic drainage technique and pressure points with therapeutic essential oils. As an empath, I will be guided to defuse negative energies, helping you to return balance and tranquillity to your body. After the session, you should feel a sense of heaviness lifted away as a state of relaxation and peace takes over.

    energy exchange: 120 mins for $220
    House calls are available for ladies living in the eastern and central part of Singapore, transportation of $50 applies.

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